The construction of gigawatt-hours-scale lithium battery production

The ifb engineering office provides architectural and engineering services as well as solutions in the technical-building-equipment sector. The interdisciplinary teams are working closely together to meet the clients exact requirements and to integrate the clients own work results. Our clients could trust that all dependencies of the construction project are reflected and solved. 

Highly integrated plant and technical equipment construction (TGA) is crucial for the efficient production of complex products. One team of engineers, architects, structural designers and technical building equipment designers has been specialised in the construction and engineering of highly complex production facilities for Lithium batteries. As independent architects and engineers, we understand the special requirements regarding production and storage of automotive Lithium battery cells as well as modules and packs.

The production of Lithium batteries defines very high specifications in terms of temperature, particles quantities and air humidity. When storing sensitive gases and liquids, special attention must be paid to fulfill safety and environmental standards. With the strictest consideration to the design and chemistry of the battery cell and to the cell production processes, we offer the development of a modularized architectural concept adopted to the dedicated production site.

Requirements, benefits, economic efficiency: It is our mission to understand the significance, the correct classifications and the assessments of the lithium battery production, which are characterized by constraints, functions and facts. The result will be a production facility that is flexible enough to meet future requirements regarding the development of new Lithium and follow up battery technologies.

The precautions for the use of new cathode materials (e.g. NMC811) require highly integrative planning of the plant, special TGA and building structures.

What we offer: Construction, engineering, planning, set up of quotation documents

We take over the overall planning from the project development to the completion of the production facilities:

  • Sectoral planning production plant: industrial and equipment engineering
  • Technical building equipment tailored to scope, performance and environmental conditions
  • Structural design
  • Overall architecture with regard to expandability, flexibility and multiple use
  • Planning of cost-optimized, global construction methods
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Technical building equipment to optimized the total energy balance
  • Integrated project management during the implementation period
  • Controlling, safety and health coordination
  • Preservation of evidence procedures
  • Heat insulation, fire protection, sound insulation calculations 
  • Other third party reports

Why you should work with us: To your advantage and profit


We are independent in our technical and professional decisions in favour of your construction project.

Planning maturity

Great care and exactitude in the definitions and descriptions of tendering procedures. This is the art. Precision is the decisive factor for investment and operating costs.

Building Information Modeling

An early coordinated overall planning through internal interdisciplinary cooperation of all specialist plannings involved in the planning process saves time and money.


The fee structure for architects and engineers (HOAI) is the basis for our work. This gives you cost security and transparency for all planning processes.

We work for great clients, project developers and investors

We have more than 35 years of experience in planning highly complex logistics centres, industrial plants with the highest safety standards, manufactories and laboratories with clean room quality. Often a moving process for our engineers; the more complex, the more attractive. Although we guarantee absolute confidentiality to most of our clients, here are a few examples from our references.


The owner-managed engineering office for civil engineering provides architectural and engineering services as well as specialist planning in the field of technical building equipment.

CELONO Dr. Thomas Forchert

Celono delivers strategy decision support, project management and engineering services. All Celono solutions are based on best of class concepts and actual industrial experiences.
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